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Welcome to Kindergarten Cop (KC)
To be an English teacher China is not just about getting a job or even about working in the field of education. It’s about challenging you to discover the world.

English teacher China!

Come face to face with Chinese and say, Ni Hao! – That mean hello in China. Being an English teacher China is a valued, rewarding and fun, Immerse yourself in a new culture, try your hands at teaching English overseas, kick-start your Mandarin learning, or simply explore one of the world’s most fascinating places without breaking your wallet, Experience a culture very different from your own with programs that put you in the middle of the world’s oldest civilization. Bring a fresh viewpoint to developing communities well off the beaten path in rural China – timeless places that few Westerners really get to know – or dive into the bustle of a fast-growing city like Chongqing or Guangzhou. The sights and variety of experiences in China are nearly as vast as the country itself. Read More

About Us!

Kindergarten Cops (KC) founded in 2014, which recruits certified teachers. The new grads from Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States, places them in teaching positions in safe, reputable schools and government-run educational institutions in China. KC is now entering a new stage.  Read More

Ni Hao! my name is Harry Taylor I am the founder of Kindergarten Cops Welcome to the Site 

Take your opportunities, China is the second largest economy in the world.

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  • Class room busy busy

    Class room busy busy

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    Exercise time

  • Free times for students

    Free times for students

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    Happy faces

  • Having fun

    Having fun

  • In a class room

    In a class room

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    Teacher in action

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    They all love me

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Testimonials – What People Are Saying!

  • Alexis Levinson – Calgary, Alberta – Canada

    Alexis Levinson – Calgary, Alberta – Canada

  • Peter Zahler – the USA

    Peter Zahler – the USA

  • Leslie Moore – Melbourne Australia

    Leslie Moore – Melbourne Australia

  • Julie Todd – United Kingdom

    Julie Todd – United Kingdom

  • James Huff – Australia

    James Huff – Australia

  • Kim Thomas – Wellington New Zealand

    Kim Thomas – Wellington New Zealand

  • Sharon & Linda from Italy

    Sharon & Linda from Italy

“Kindergarten Cops has done an excellent job in finding me a great English teacher China position . He is always available if I have any issues or questions. Because of this service, I would recommend using Kindergarten Cops to anyone who wants to find work as English teacher China.”




Now, 4 months after placement at a job I am living in a wonderful city, I am still in contact with the recruiters. They continue to offer help and advice for anything that I need, whether that’s job-related or China-related.
All in all, working with Kindergarten Cops was, and continues to be, a satisfying experience that made the process of finding a job in China a piece of cake. I couldn’t have done it without them!”

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Work as Teacher

Teachers are always welcome to Kindergarten Cops (KC).
We are always looking for English teachers who will enjoy many benefits while living in a China with an extensive history and fascinating culture.
Start date – Any Time of The Year.
Applying process:
Step 1. Prepare a copy of your passport front page, recent color photo, CV/resume, video introduction of yourself (no longer than 1 minute or video file must not be bigger than 2.5 mg to fit in email attach ), any degree, TESOL certificate if you have and any another certificate that might be helpful for your application.
Step 2. Interview on Skype with Kinder Cop
Step 3. Interview on Skype with school headmaster
Step 4. Choose your province where you want to teach
Requirements to Teaching English China: Read More

Benefit For Teacher

1. Health insurance. You will get it only if you are employed by a public institution or a huge private school or center and usually it is supposed to cover basic medical and dental needs. Chinese medicine is very cheap, so the amount of health insurance will correspond to expenses for medical attention and prescriptions.
2. School holidays. There are 16 national holidays in China, excluding spring festival (Chinese New Year). For spring festival holidays different institutions have different schedules, but the minimum paid days off per year should be 7-14 days. Colleges or universities might have up to a month or more off. All the national holidays will be paid by the employer.
3. Vacations. Depending on the employer you may have 7-14 days for your vacation per year. But private schools are more unlike to offer you such benefits. They will ask you to take your vacation during spring festival or on other long national holidays, as they don’t have summer or Read More

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